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Upcoming Tournaments! (see below for fees)

For All tournament inquiries, please contact:

OVBABO Assigner

Start DateEnd DateLocationTypeDescription

Current OBA and Tournament Game Fees will be available to you when you contact our assigner(s):


When booking games through our Assignor, please ensure that the request are received by the Assignor and that the total cost payable is confirmed.  Similarly, any changes in the schedule must be reconfirmed by the Assignor.  If no return email from the Assignor is received, please do not assume the games are booked or changed. 

All games outside of the City of Ottawa (Club and Schools) will be subject to additional travel charges. 

All tournaments held by clubs that have mixed age groups will be charged the higher age group rates. 

Cash Payments

Any series of games of 6 games or less must be paid in cash, including travel rates if applicable, at the game location prior to commencing the games.  The assignor will make assignments based on a cash basis.  Failure to pay officials at the game location will result in an administrative surcharge if follow-up invoicing is required.



        Tournaments for clubs, schools or leagues will be invoiced via email by the Treasurer to the tournament coordinator a few days in advance of the event and are payable immediately after the tournament ends.   

         School Leagues will be invoiced at the mid-season point and after the playoffs.  Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.

         Leagues will be invoiced at the end of each month.  Payment is payable upon receipt.